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Your Home at LakePoint

senior man, sitting down, smiling, resting his chin on his hands, on top of his caneWhether you move to LakePoint’s independent living, assisted living or care center community, you’ll know you are at home.

Bring with you your mementos, your photographs, your memories; hold on to that favorite chair and anything else that says home to you. Enjoy time with friends and family. You’ll continue to appreciate your routine and personal time, while staying open to the many choices that will allow you to spread your wings. And, when you are at home at LakePoint, you’ll enjoy restaurant style dining, flexible transportation, lots of life enrichment activities, in-house therapy and excellent nursing care, should that need arise.

At LakePoint, we believe your life should be all about you! Stay who you are or break out the new! We are here to help you live your life. On your terms.

Your Home at LakePoint

We are led in our pursuit of your happiness through the management of Omega Senior Living, who helps us create an environment that is home to you. In fact, Omega Senior Living’s expectations of excellence keep us focused on enriching the lives of each person who calls LakePoint their home. Your home, at LakePoint.

Our Mission

To deliver the most compelling service experience possible through product and service excellence, and create an environment where every moment matters.

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Living Choices

LakePoint El Dodaro has been proudly serving the El Dorado community and surrounding area for over 30 years. We offer several living options for seniors including assisted living, long term care and short term rehabilitation.

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living is for older adults who want to continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle while needing some helpful assistance. Assisted Living provides daily assistance and care personalized to meet the needs of each resident.

Assisted Living may be indicated if you or your loved ones:

  • Need help with getting dressed, bathing/bathroom, meal preparation or medication
  • Have concerns about personal care
  • Have determined that costs of caregivers at home are exceeding the cost of moving to assisted living community
  • Are experiencing mobility issues, which make it difficult to get around the home

Assisted Living is about personalized, professional services when you need them, balanced with choices and flexibility to keep you as independent as possible. Dedicated staff members are available 24 hours a day for assistance and health monitoring as needed.

Grandmother, mother and child together smiling

Short Term Rehabilitation

senior man working on physical therapy exercises with woman supervising

Restore Rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and recovery, following a qualified hospital stay. Restoring the body is just part of what we do at LakePoint. Interdisciplinary care teams provides physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as the best in person centered care and nursing services.

In addition, we focus on restoring your confidence and healing you – mind, body, spirit – with grace and dignity so you will achieve your best outcome. We offer a welcoming setting to work hard and rest well where our focus is you. Focusing on restoring strength and confidence with heart is what we do.

Strength. Confidence. Heart.
Restore Rehabilitation is here for you.

We accept most insurances as well as Medicare, Medicaid and the VA benefits. For more information please fill out the Contact Us page.

Long Term Care

When a resident requires around-the-clock care, we believe care should start with that resident’s needs and wishes. Our Care Centers provide warm, welcoming settings that help older adults continue to experience a full life. Our dedicated staff members get to know each Long Term Care resident and customize their care plan accordingly. They work to fit the routines of those in their care, providing consistency, stability, and companionship.

With the attention of a highly trained and certified clinical team, residents are treated with the utmost respect and receive state-of-the-art care in a warm and friendly environment.

Senior woman, sitting in wheelchair outside, visiting with a woman

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