How We Do It

We Don't Just Manage Properties . . . WE BUILD COMMUNITIES


If you have not dined in a senior living community recently, we would like to encourage you to try out one of our communities. At Omega Senior Living, we believe our community dining experiences are top notch and we understand how the importance of providing fresh, nutritious options for our residents and their families helps to keep residents healthy physically and mentally.

Going above and beyond, with our family style dining, means that your options are delicious, flexible, dietitian approved and enjoyable.  This style of dining allows residents to eat with their friends or their families within their community.

Life Enrichment

Participating in fun and fulfilling activities is an integral part of living a happy, well rounded life.  At our communities, we encourage our seniors to participate in a variety of activities from painting classes to dancing, movie nights to field trips, and fitness classes to crafts, along with our many special events.

Its simple, activities increase memory function and cognitive abilities. We provide continuous activities, as it vastly improves and enhances our resident’s physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

Having fun is also one of our service values, and we fully believe it makes a difference in everyone’s day if we make time for fun.

Health and Wellness

Community health and wellness programs are an important part of our communities. These activities prevent unnecessary disabilities from appearing and stimulate our resident’s minds, bodies, and spirits.  Having regular exercise classes, walking groups, gardening, and classes that teach fall prevention is vital to maintaining one’s health, independence, and quality of life over the years.  More specific classes may include arthritis exercise programs, caregiver information, caregiver support meetings, and home safety education.

Depending on the resident’s abilities, the appropriate exercise can help them expand their social network, improve balance, prevent loss of strength, improve and maintain brain health, and prevent arthritis.

Community Outreach

In our communities we believe in giving back through fundraising activities and programs that improve and enrich the lives of others.  My Neighbor’s Keeper is an initiative that our corporate office and communities participate in, because we believe in serving the communities we work and live in.

What giving back does for seniors, is improve their whole person wellness and increase their socialization.  When there are longer lasting bonds within their community and the towns in which they reside, they are happier and have a greater sense of being self-full filled.

This also holds true for our associates, as assisting with these initiatives, helps them bond with residents and provides them the opportunity to give back as well.

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